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What are the problems that should be paid attention to when using the membrane switch?

1. the film switch is used to keep the surface clean. At the same time, there is no drum package, it is necessary to carry out proper dust prevention, anti greasy treatment.

2., compare the size (put the film switch to the post office, compare the size of the location is not a coincidence);

3. remove the centrifuge paper from the edge of the membrane switch to one centimeter further;

4., then put the film switch in the corresponding position, and then gradually tear away the remaining centrifugal paper (but to hold the more than 15 degrees angle), and then put it in the corresponding direction.

5., the process of posting, if torn and non centrifugal paper film switch, need to put first, should not put up, to prevent sticking to other things, affect the post;

6. note: post can repeat the operation, a one-time completion; pay attention to controlling the tearing angle; try by hand, should be put in the flat place, not in the hands of holding on, otherwise it will easily cause damage to the membrane switch.

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