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Explain the repair steps of the film switch button

1., first open the membrane switch panel, and then lift the top layer according to the health film. The connection point T. of the switch point and the circuit board shall be detected by the multimeter, so as to ensure that the switching point of the refitted switch corresponds to the original one.

2. on each switch point of the base film, cone the hole with a locating cone on the metal plate. The perforation scale is slightly larger than the switch type according to the practice scale of the column to ensure that the switch of the emblem type is not blocked by the upright column in the hole movement. If the hole is too small, the elastic effect of the switch will cause the switch to be out of order.

3. contrast the distance of each hole of the gold plate. Fix the emblem switch on the printing board, and connect the wire according to the corresponding connection point of each switch. According to the practice space between the metal plate and the display plate, the space plate 2 is provided with the edge of the printed plate plate to fix the switch plate. Due to the switch of the new plate is placed between the metal plate and the indicator plate. It is necessary to appear in the print board have and show the plate lamp 2 corresponding holes. In order to ensure the show board led through the printed circuit board from the panel to see the signal is shown. Be bound together with the distance between lines and two in case of short circuit board.

4. the printed switch board embedded in each ship. According to the switch and the metal plate corresponding to the holes in the top of the column. According to the health and the gold surface. If beyond the surface of parallel fart is too high, can press the switch can not use the outer panel film after recovery. If too low. When pressed by hand to switch who can not work. The switch board "broken block after the rubber pad and then left, dry glue pasted on the metal plate and the outer panel. After the protective film restitution. A modified process is completed J switch board after modification, the operating handle very well. When the key has a clear effect to shrapnel sound. A very intuitive feel on-off switch. Long service life, high reliability and convenient protection. If a switch is caught in use, it can be directly judged by the shrapnel of the film switch.