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Why should thin film switches be designed as keys?

The key is raised by pressing the drum machine to press the key body area on the mask layer. The method has strict temperature and pressure requirements according to the natural characteristics and convex concave characteristics of the membrane switch material. The basic form is as follows:

(1) the frame line is raised: when the edge of the switch is raised.

(2) flat raised: the whole switch is higher than the surface of the panel.

(3) pitch: used for machining spherical keys.

(4) frame line bulge + ball convex: not commonly used.

The advantages of a film switch designed as a raised key:

(1) the decorative effect of the appearance of the membrane switch is improved.

(2) the operator is sensitive to touch.

(3) accurately specify the range of the key body.

(4) improve identification speed.

Considerations for designing a film switch into raised keys:

(1) special mould processing is needed.

(2) the limit temperature of the polyester raised is 50 degrees centigrade.

(3) the raised height shall be no more than 1.5 times of the thickness of the material.

(4) plane projection should be at least 3mm or 5mm from the edge.

(5) the button raised by the frame line is at least 5mm from the edge.

(6) force the assembly to reduce the mechanical life (for the polycarbonate mask, the mechanical life should be able to operate at least 100 thousand times).