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Advantages of light-emitting film switches

There are many different buttons on the film switch, button switch on the color film on behalf of different functions, but also on the size and shape of differentiated, membrane switch now used in the life is very common.

There are many kinds of film switches, so now you can't distinguish them only by the color and the size of the button. Otherwise, it is very easy to make mistakes. There are lots of keys that can only be used accurately by familiar technicians. If unfamiliar people use them, they will not be able to find out which button to press, or the wrong situation. This will have an impact on the overall process and efficiency of the work. The film switch uses the color swatch to flash the keyboard, so the text can be directly marked on the color block of the keyboard, so it is more convenient and intuitive. The symbols on the panel are used to indicate the effect of the function, and the effect of beautification and decoration can also be achieved.

With the luminous body membrane switch is a film product more advanced, he gave the original touch switch installed on the effect of how the operation will be very obvious to see the effect of light, the effect is very obvious, and the light is penetrating. The new product soon gained wide acceptance and use.