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What are the steps in the production and assembly of the membrane switches?

The membrane switch is a new type of high tech switch. It has been widely used in various fields, including day, infrastructure and equipment. The main component of the membrane switch is the membrane panel, and there are many other processes besides this one. The process and process of the production and installation of the membrane switch include the tail line, the tail line, the manufacture of the interlayer and the veneer glue. Then, the characteristics of these processes are described by the manufacturers below:

1., the silk screen will be good line into the oven, bake for 40 minutes, the temperature of 115 degrees celsius. (pay attention to the good silk screen, the circuit should be natural dry as well). After the circuit is roasted, a piece is simply assembled, and the test circuit is short circuited, broken, and the resistance is too large.

2., the end of the line: the line will be good baking check line resistance, the tail line from the outlet hole to the carbon paste coincide, 1 mm place with a laminating machine pressure insulation tape (not attached to the button, as far as possible to the direction of the button to stick more).

3. red tail line: with a knife die to punch out the tail line, tail line ends should be uniform (especially for small line from the tail line), a sample can be made with plastic ruler inboard outlet hole from top to bottom row to the tail of the edge should be in line with a ruler to stick, so can to prevent the silver paste sticking out.

4. assembly lines: first circuit red tail line attached to the sandwich, paste paste point should be put in the sandwich hole center, there are no air bubbles, and then paste the line, watch on positioning circuit to be aligned, not misplaced contact.

5. stick gum: has good adhesive stickers in the blanking circuit, the post shall take out the tail line, a glue to cover 4 angle line, all post process cannot have a bubble.

6.: Red veneer glue hole surface glue in the on-line way, attention should put glue hole on the keys and covers 4 angles (line, surface glue manufacturing with sandwich panel manufacturing, if large bulge can be enlarged. Put the pot round piece of glue can be tapped 2 mm long).

7., punching: find a waste panel affixed to the assembly line, 4 corners alignment, will be lit hole 4 weeks extended 1 mm, set on the installed line, with appropriate blade knocked, knock to pay attention to knock the line.

8.: check the veneer panel attached to the line on the road, to stick 4 angular alignment line, and tread on the bubble should be scraped, posted there is not stuck at window lit windows, paste after watch to protect the lit window.

9. tail line processing: the tail line cut flat, not the terminal paste layer 0.125 single-sided adhesive in the carbon paste on the back of the PET reinforcement, the terminal will need to make the tail line conduction terminal facing pressure riveting pin (for double-layer tail line should be in line the bottom line no tail cut a height of about 1-1.5 cm radius exit).

10. manufacturing sandwich (sample): find scrap line tile sticks in the sandwich on the appropriate size, with an awl center line will take the keys, and then use the compass at the center point of painting on a straight through 10 circles (special circumstances may change), the knock, knock round after the blade to between the round and round on a width of 2 mm for the ventilation groove, at least should have 3 circles connected, and knock the ventilation groove should be aware of on line after try not to cross point. If there is, it should be sealed with bright glue. (the panel should be square with the size of the pot.). In production, the die is formed at once.

11.: stamping molding (to machine) thin film switch forming is indispensable process, scale request accurate mold planning is to ensure that, should be based on the customer supply scale, and substrate thickness, size and shape variables of scale, a scale structure accurately, mold quality is good or bad influence the key switch film forming quality, embossing operation mold to make all of the original texture reflects the high quality pressure to use convex pressing, pressure relief has the advantages of no deformation, level and stereo feeling.

12.: check the first inspection, the shape is not biased, printing bad, and then on the basis of the principle of the circuit tester with each key check, see if there are open circuit, short circuit, the resistance is too large for the key question, at the same time sensitivity (with Guozi be mindful of is not a double boiler). Check the lights with LED is not bright and bright brightness and divergent side, pay attention and sample check, each commodity or continuous sampling life test (general tests to do is that qualified 500 thousand times).

13. labeled, packaging factory, packaging should be neat, beautiful, elegant and generous.