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The development of membrane switches

Film switch, film panel production can meet the needs of users, and the production of products not only reliable quality, but also the use of a long time, and won the trust and support of the majority of users, in order to let everyone have a good understanding of our film switch, below I will introduce you to its development!

In Chinese our electronics industry every day is increasing with the development of the times, we continue to progress, as early as 1950s to the membrane switch element to toggle, toggle switch, the switch is dominant; 60s to a key switch combination switch as the representative, to complete a simple function with conversion; increase the application expansion and the function of the 70s and the emergence of membrane switch conductive rubber, while the thin film switch is in a new electronic device at the end of 70s early 80s research and development, it is adapt to electronic product to the miniaturization, digitization, intelligent, multi-functional product development needs. In the future development, we will continue to update, continuous improvement, so that our products are more advanced, more perfect!

In 2016, the development of membrane switch will be more specific, more digital, more advanced to everyone. I hope you can also participate in, we common development, common progress, to meet a better tomorrow. Thin film switch knowledge more, please pay attention to our next exciting content!

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