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Technical standard of membrane switch in electrical appliance industry

In the production practice of film switch, pressure resistance, membrane switch products insulation resistance of electric performance index and panel layer of ink color (color, color) numerical index in replication (color tolerance) of the establishment of the principle and test method. The quality management idea expressed in this paper is very constructive for the formulation, revision and standardization of the technical standards of electronic / screen printing products. Keywords membrane switch standard standardized quality management, quality standards and the importance of standardization work with the development of the world economy, "quality first" has become the world, vigorously carry out the research and practice of quality management has become the main means for national enterprises in competition to win. In the domestic enterprises, including screen printing industry, with the establishment and gradual improvement of the socialist market economic system, the concept of "quality is the life of an enterprise" has been recognized by the business community. When it comes to quality and quality management, of course, standards and standardization can not be separated. The "standard" is a yardstick to evaluate and measure product quality or service quality (as well as the quality of work, process quality, etc.), which is the basis for product quality design and product quality management. There is no standard, no management; and the so-called "standard", according to the international organization for Standardization (ISO) defines it is: refers to the benefit of all concerned, especially in order to promote the best comprehensive economic and due consideration to the conditions of use and safety requirements, in cooperation with all relevant under the process of specific activities in order to develop and implement the rules. Standardization is based on the comprehensive achievements of science, technology and experiment. It not only lays the foundation for the present, but also does not determine the future development. It is consistent with the pace of development. Standardization work, including the implementation of technical standardization and other standards, also needs to be implemented in the process of enterprise quality management. In this process, standards and standardization work, through the actual work of the test, from which to learn nutrition, and constantly develop, and thus get a strong vitality. The process of quality management, that is, the process of standardization, while standardization is also in the implementation of quality management to full play.